Keynote speech at the Unió d’Hospitals Conference at Esade

On March 13, Oscar Pierre, President & CEO of aggity, gave the opening speech at the VI Forum of Collaborating Associates of the Unió d’Hospitals in Esade.

The conference was dedicated to “Disruptive ways to innovate in healthcare” and this event, in addition to the opening speech, was divided into several talks where the main topic was Digitalization in the World of Healthcare.

Oscar Pierre titled his talk as “Digital Transformation, Big Data and the impact on the Healthcare Sector”, a booming topic for Hospitals that must adapt to the Digital World that now surrounds us.

In Oscar’s presentation, he talked about health trends and the need to evolve to a more comfortable and technological world, where mobile applications play an important role in our society.

In this presentation, emphasis was placed on the step that will be taken in the doctor-patient universe, where digital transformation will mean that in the not too distant future, we will advance and relate to each other in a way that will make our quality of life superior.

Oscar concluded his presentation by giving two real examples of this leap into the future and digital transformation: the first on the GTT Work Time management solution and its evolution to GTT Digital with new functionalities and communication between the company and its professionals that greatly facilitates the management and daily work, and the second example on the comprehensive transformation of Grupo Angeles de Mexico, making life easier for millions of patients of the private health group in Mexico, making their day to day life much more comfortable, improving the service and at the same time allowing doctors to manage and help a greater number of patients.

In short, the new era in healthcare will make life easier for us at the level of fast and direct medical care and patient care.