Spanish multinational aggity embarks on a new business strategy and expects a turnover of 55 million euros by 2025

  • aggity appoints Pablo Gonzalez as CEO of the company in Spain, who will report to Oscar Pierre, who maintains the executive presidency of the group.
  • aggity expects to grow by more than 20% this year and to end 2023 with a turnover of more than 38 million euros and more than 350 professionals.

Madrid, March 16, 2023 – The Spanish multinational technology company aggitywhich had a turnover of 30.3 million euros in 2022 (+63.7%) and grew in human resources by 26% to 295 professionals, closes with these figures the strategic business growth plan launched in 2017. This year, the organization is embarking on a new phase of consolidation of its business model and international expansion with which it expects to reach a turnover of 56 million in 2025 and human resources of more than 480 people that same year.

According to the new business plan, this year aggity will grow by 20% to 39 million euros, and in 2024 its sales will reach 44.1 million euros. Likewise, the Ebitda evolution forecast is 6.6 million euros for this year, 7.7 million euros in 2024 and to reach 10 million euros in 2025. As in the previous stage, aggity will base this evolution on both organic business growth and company acquisitions.

In fact, aggity is currently finalizing the acquisition of one company in our country and a second in Central America. It should be recalled that, since 2017, aggity has integrated 10 organizations into the group, both in Spain and Latin America.

The strategy now completed has allowed aggity to transform itself from a traditional business management solutions company into a hybrid technology, solutions and services company focused on digitization and digital transformation, and cybersecurity applied to business management.

Business plan with four axes

The new business plan will be based on four fundamental pillars. The first is to grow in the industrial sector with a single integrated offering for the digitization of this sector, in particular for the manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical subsectors.

As a second axis, the company is addressing an international expansion plan for its activity in countries with a significant demand for high-value specialized services. Over the next two years, the company will start operations in Australia, Canada, Nordic Europe, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

As the third axis of its business plan, aggity will innovate in the development of new services and solutions around sustainability based on advanced analytics technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for energy efficiency. As a fourth focus, the company plans to establish global alliances with technology manufacturers in EMEA and Latin America.

Changes in the organization’s management

To address this new stage, aggity has reorganized its top management and has appointed Pablo Gonzalez as the new CEO of aggity in our country. Oscar Pierre, president of aggity, will serve as the organization’s corporate CEO.

Pablo González has more than 20 years of professional experience in strategic consulting and digital transformation and analytics at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), EY (Ernst & Young) and Deloitte, having held the position of Partner|Partner for the last 13 years and led different business lines and sectors at national and international level. González holds a degree in Statistics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and a Master’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE). He also has executive management training from the Wharton University School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and has been co-director of the Big Data Institute at UC3M and professor in Strategy and Transformation at The Valley Digital Business School, ESIC Business & Marketing School and UC3M.

According to Oscar Pierre, CEO of aggity, “the results obtained, and with which we close the last five years of strategy, show that we have been on the right path and with a very successful proposal of technological solutions at the forefront of the digital management of companies. We have successfully drawn -Pierre continues, These are tumultuous years due to the international events we are all familiar with, and organizations are facing demanding and rapidly changing markets, all on the verge of a true technological revolution brought about by artificial intelligence. Therefore -Pierre concludes, companies are looking for effective solutions that allow them to adapt to market changes or even anticipate them in a sustainable way; aggity has these solutions, already tested, at a really competitive cost, so we have no doubt that we will achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves.“.

According to Pablo Gonzalez, CEO of aggity Spain, “artificial intelligence is going to change everything and in a very short time. Mastering data is going to be essential to be able to offer any type of solution to the business world and at aggity we have an offer, I would dare say unique, in segments such as cybersecurity, talent management or industry 4.0. For this reason -González concludes, “We are approaching this new stage with a certain advantage over other suppliers, especially in the face of demanding projects that require us to add value.