aggity launches Fyoosion


Called Fyoosion, the new platform integrates more than 40 digital marketing tools that automatically maximize conversion and drastically reduce abandonment.

  • Fyoosion, founded in 2013 and with clients in the US, Asia and Oceania, facilitates digital marketing initiatives for Direct Response, Direct Marketing and e-commerce, and increases website traffic by up to 50% and the recovery rate of interrupted purchase processes by 15%. It also reduces dropouts by 40%.
  • aggity will market this new technology platform exclusively in Spain and in the Latin American market, with a special focus on small and medium-sized companies.

aggity, a Spanish multinational of digital solutions for the socialization of business management, will introduce in Spain and in the Latin American market a new technological platform, called Fyoosion, to develop, in an automated way, digital marketing initiatives with Direct Response, Direct Marketing and e-commerce actions, and to maximize sales through corporate websites and microsites of any consumer products company.

The new technology, developed in 2013, already operates in the US market, Asia and Oceania, and is able to emulate the interaction with web customers with the same logic as in a physical space, all automatically.

According to aggity, this technology allows doubling online sales, increasing traffic on websites and microsites by up to 50%, thanks to optimal navigation on mobile devices; increasing interrupted purchase processes by 15%. In addition, it also manages to reduce online customer abandonment by 40% before completing the purchase.

Broadly speaking, the new platform integrates 40 digital marketing tools to automate virtually all online business interaction with visitors, emulating the same reactions that arise between seller and customer in a physical space. With Fyoosion it is possible to optimize all back-end marketing processes of an online store, such as A/B testing or heatmapping, ensuring the quality and correct configuration of offers and facilitating the analysis of online data to respond in real time to the needs of the website visitor.

This degree of automation makes it possible to reduce the most important problems faced by digital marketing managers and managers: high abandonment rates, low conversion rates and the dependence on the IT department or external consultants to carry out tests and implement optimization projects.

According to aggity, 81% of online purchases are abandoned before the process is completed. In addition, the average conversion rate per visitor on corporate websites is less than 10%. On the other hand, 61% of the professionals who manage these web spaces perform less than 5 tests per month to optimize their website, as they spend two thirds of their time working with the IT department or external consultants.

aggity will market Fyoosion exclusively for the Spanish and Latin American market in Cloud SAAS mode at a highly competitive price of approximately 2,000 euros/month. The solution is “plug & play” and requires no installation knowledge and virtually no training for the end user.

According to Oscar Pierre, CEO of aggity “Fyoosion is an alternative to the complexity and high investments that many companies have to make the leap to the online world, Fyoosion not only simplifies and adds efficiency to this advance, it also does it at a really affordable cost, if we take into account the return that the implementation of this technology has for businesses”.

According to Abhishek Jain, co-founder and CEO of Fyoosion, “as more and more companies and entrepreneurs move to online commerce, there is a need to revisit and overhaul websites and be able to build an experience similar to that of real stores, which means offering credibility, interactivity and excitement.”

aggity wants to become with this technology a clear reference in the market of Direct Response, Direct Marketing, e-commerce and marketing automation solutions, both in Spain and Latin America. This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies, which, according to aggity, are the ones that find it most difficult to take their business online. With a volume of around €22 billion, Spain is currently the fourth European power in online sales with a growth in 2016 compared to 2015 of 23% in 2016. Moreover, in Latin America, this market will reach US$100 billion in 2018.