aggity opens Mexico City office for Latin America

The Spanish multinational aggity, a digital solutions company (formerly operating under the T&G brand), is launching a whole new generation of highly innovative solutions and services for the socialization of business management. The company has opened its main office in Mexico City for all of Latin America.

The new corporate strategy, developed by aggity will enable, through its solutions offering, its customers to address the digital transformation of their processes, their organization and their business to take advantage of the new opportunities that the global market is offering to any organization, anywhere in the world.

aggity is characterized by offering a transversal vision of the new digital environment through practical and technologically advanced solutions in areas such as digital marketing, mobility, productivity and collaboration, Industry 4.0, work time management, finance or expense management and purchasing. The new solutions are also very lightweight, easy to implement and have an almost immediate return on investment.

Among the new solutions, the following stand out Social Business by aggityThe new solution, a set of collaborative, productivity and communication tools (private, secure and confidential), based on the most widely understood social applications among end users today, allows a very fast adoption by all members of an organization, thus eradicating the complexity of the so-called corporate intranets.

aggity will continue the strategy previously initiated by T&G, will maintain its multinational character and will operate, in addition to Spain, in Latin America, where, in addition to the Mexico City office, it has offices to cover the entire continent, including: Southern Cone, Central America, Andean Zone and Brazil. The new company also has four development laboratories in the digital transformation environment: one in Barcelona, two in Mexico and a fourth in Phoenix (USA), as well as strategic alliances with suppliers of international stature. aggity will focus its solutions on medium-sized companies and large corporations, basically in the banking and finance, industry, distribution and logistics, retail, services and healthcare sectors.

The new technology offering and its broad geographic distribution will lead aggity to an estimated growth in turnover of around 30% during 2017, achieving a consolidated turnover of more than €8 million, compared to the €5.8 million that T&G turned over in 2016. Of the expected turnover for 2017, 47% will come from Spain, 24% from Mexico and the rest from the different geographical areas indicated. Looking ahead to 2020, the business plan targets a turnover of more than 14 million euros, with a similar geographical distribution.

According to Oscar Mz. Tovilla, CEO of aggity Mexico , “companies have not yet exploited the full potential of software focused on the immediate, intelligent and shared use of information; with this new range of solutions we mobilize the business ecosystem and boost the proactivity of each and every one of its members”.

According to Oscar Pierre, Corporate President,aggity is not only a rebranding, it means a technological evolution for the socialization of software tools and the proactive and intelligent use of all their power”.

Social Business for the agile enterprise

The new platform
Social Business by aggity
available for Android and iOS, brings the social ecosystem of companies, composed of employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, business processes and things (IoT), to the digital environment, allowing them to contact, collaborate, communicate, share, cooperate and manage corporate knowledge in a secure, confidential, controlled and information-protected environment.

This platform is made up of Corporate Messenger by aggitya private communication and collaboration system based on instant messaging and video streaming technologies. Corporate Social Network by aggity, a corporate social network with access levels and that, broadly speaking, allows to know and manage the knowledge of the whole organization, as well as the professional interests of its members, within it.

In addition to the two mentioned above, a platform for
Productivity and Collaboration
platform allows clients to optimize their processes, formalize document management and enable online training under a social approach.

Social Business is one of the key offerings in aggity ‘s new approach to driving digital transformation and engaging organizational members.

A new approach to digital transformation

aggity proposes a new approach to this concept, conceiving it as a process and not as an objective in itself. For the company, digital transformation starts with more efficient communication between the different people in an organization (Social Business) and its interoperability with different transactional systems (ERP, CRM, CMS…), in combination with mobility technologies, intelligent information analysis (big data) and IoT (internet of things). All of this, according to aggity, enables a true digital transformation of the business, creating new opportunities, new models and disruptive innovations.

Social management of working time

The GTT Time Plan by aggity solution , available for Android and iOS, is an app for the management of working time so that middle managers, through the use of different tools, can make daily operational decisions aimed at improving the productivity of the organization. Moreover, since it is integrated with Social Business, it facilitates very fast communication between the company and its professionals.

Marketing, finance and production

Regarding the marketing environment of organizations,
Digital Marketing Platform by aggity
combines in a single platform the three functionalities of advanced digital marketing strategies: data, knowledge and action. Thus, aggity ‘s solution allows, from creating affiliate channels, to the dynamic management of digital advertising, targeted email marketing or creating microsites to increase conversion rates, among other possibilities.

In the financial area,
Financial Solutions by aggity
offers specialized applications for the main areas of business administration, with solutions approved by the Treasury for financial management, fixed assets, bank reconciliation, invoicing, document management or expense management.

For its part, the
Cloud for Business Spend by aggity
solution is focused on improving resources by optimizing spending. To this end, the solution facilitates supplier approval and automates all internal and external processes related to requirements, purchasing and supply, as well as payment and product control.

Finally, and for those companies with production plants, Industry 4.0 by aggity enables the digitization of the traditional production industry through the total communication of people, processes, machines and devices, with the aim of continuous optimization, both in terms of production capacity and other aspects, such as energy consumption or sustainability.

Source: T3Mexico