Energy, production and decarbonization

Together with Landaluz, we have had the opportunity to hold a seminar where the key challenges and opportunities related to energy production and decarbonization in the food sector have been addressed. We shared our knowledge and experience on the management and optimization of energy consumption, the need to consider this cost as a fundamental part of production planning and the best way to address decarbonization within the regulatory framework and its undeniable benefits.

We would like to thank Landaluz for the trust it has placed in Aggity as a digitalization partner, Mónica Arellano from EuroFunding and Leo Lubrano from IBM for their invaluable contributions and the associated companies for their interest and attention. Aggity is honored to share with Landaluz and its partners the experiences of digitization of the food industry in Andalusia, a sector of paramount importance for the health and welfare of all”.