GreenwAIs Meeting: Data and Analytics, the Key to Sustainability Management

In a world where environmental and social awareness is increasingly relevant, companies play a key role in the search for sustainable solutions to today’s challenges. These challenges require new management tools that integrate data in an agile, auditable and traceable way. Recognizing this importance, we are pleased to bring together leading professionals and innovators in this meeting dedicated to corporate sustainability.

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but an urgent necessity to ensure a prosperous and equitable future. Integrating sustainable practices into the corporate culture not only benefits the planet, but also drives economic growth, strengthens corporate reputation and attracts employees committed to a broader purpose.

During this meeting, we will explore how sustainability can transcend environmental policies and become a central pillar of corporate identity. We will discuss how companies should adopt a holistic approach that encompasses aspects such as social responsibility, technological innovation and business ethics, covering their entire supply chain.

We join forces with leading experts, business leaders and change advocates to share inspiring ideas, best practices and success stories. In this meeting, we will discover how organizations can harness their power to generate a positive and lasting impact on results, society and the environment around us.

On May 21, the session “GreenwAIs: Data and Analytics, the key to sustainability management” will be held in Barcelona, a new initiative of APD, sponsored by Aggity.


9:30 – WELCOME

Edgar Gonzalez
APD Catalunya Area Manager

Pablo Gonzalez

9:35 – SPEECH: Challenges and practical tools for sustainability management.

Ignacio Tornos
Industrial products & manufacturing Sector Leader

9:50 – ROUND TABLE: Sustainability: Practical aspects of measuring, managing and monitoring the plan, and reporting.

Sergi López
Envizi & EIS Product Manager, IBM

Miriam Porres
CSR and Compliance Director SORIGUÉ

Pablo Gonzalez

Ana Fombella
Corporate ESG Reporting Manager CEMENTOS MOLINS

Miquel de la Mano
Technical Director of Barcelona Port Innovation