GTT Digital, the app that streamlines HR management in the enterprise


Involving human capital in its management through an app

There are sectors in which the weight of salaries, HR spending, can reach up to 70% of a company’s total budget. We are mainly talking about service companies, where the staff works in shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or almost seven days a week. In this context, any increased efficiency in the management of these human resourcesThe slightest improvement in planning and time reduction, the possibility of making decisions in real time to adapt to any eventuality and increase the level of staff satisfaction and motivation have a direct impact on the bottom line in a positive way.

GTT Digital, the App for HR management

All of this is possible thanks to the application of a Social Business approach to the digital transformation of HR management and the concrete result is GTT Digital, a mobile app to generate a collaborative environment for the decentralized management of groups and work teams.The company is committed to the active participation of its members.

With this app (available in Android and iOS versions) it is possible to undertake, in a simple way and in a digital environment, a wide variety of operations and actions to manage HR. Confidential and private communications can be made from the cell phone, from the company to the employee and vice versa, and collectively between employees, it is possible to process legal documents and contracts, as well as assign shifts or vacations. GTT Digital allows middle management and workers to make decisions, a continuous control of working times and shifts and the composition of work teams, and ensures interaction between them.

The decentralization via app of human resources management and self-management possibilities not only streamlines these processes, but also reduces the time spent on administrative tasks by around 50%, optimizes the costs associated with these tasks by 35% and, as a key indicator, significantly improves the experience and level of satisfaction of professionals.

GTT Digital HR Management App

Santa Tecla Group bets on the use of GTT Digital

The Santa Tecla socio-health group is proving this. With a network of 50 health and care centers in which more than 3,000 professionals work, Santa Tecla has opted to use the GTT Digital app in order to remain at the international forefront in the management of human capital and the relationship with and among its professionals.

Fanny Margalef, Santa Tecla’s Human Resources Manager, assures that GTT Digital’s impact on the organization has been very positive. In its daily work, it facilitates HR management and is a fundamental help in matching resources to the company’s production structure. According to the directive, for middle management it is a perfect solution to offer them more autonomy in this field, agility and time savings when it comes to reporting and communicating incidents in order to focus on activities that add value to the organization.

As for employees, Margalef considers GTT Digital to be an essential support for the company’ s internal communication policy . In addition, the staff has easily adapted to the app’s functions since its interface and features are similar to those of WhatsApp-type instant communication apps, which they use on a daily basis. Requesting leave, vacations, being in touch with the members of their work teams to, for example, make shift changes, view their calendar at any time and place, and all from their smartphone, provides autonomy and agility when it comes to having information and carrying out any type of management, which results in greater satisfaction in terms of their relationship with the organization and, therefore, in a higher level of quality of the services it provides.

Written by BDI Comunicación for aggity