At IBM’s Mexico City offices, IBM, TD Synnex and Aggity Mexico host a Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Security event.

Sustainability has become the biggest CHALLENGE for organizations in the short term (2-3 years). Decarbonization and the Environment are the force with the fastest growing impact on the organization in recent years. Customers are beginning to make even more stringent demands than governments.

All business organizations in the 21st century face a number of major challenges related to decarbonization and the reduction or elimination of their carbon footprint.

The first need in the management of any process is to be able to collect process information in the form of measurable and objective data. In the field of emissions, the diversity of data sources, types, origins and reports to be generated means that the classic office automation solution has serious cost and completeness problems. THE PROBLEM NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IN ALL ITS COMPLEXITY.

Join Aggity in Mexico on March 14 for two must-attend parallel sessions on sustainability and artificial intelligence!

IBM, TD SYNNEX and AGGITY invite you to turn your commitment to sustainability into action and explore the future of artificial intelligence on March 14.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of these transformative events!

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