The Spanish multinational aggity exceeds 30 million euros in turnover and already obtains more than 35 % of its business from the foreign market.

The company, which has experienced a 63.7% growth in turnover, has also grown by 26% in human resources and now employs 295 professionals.

  • The company achieved Ebitda of 5.6 million euros in 2022 compared to 3.8 million euros in 2021
  • aggity expects to grow by more than 20% this year and to end 2023 with a turnover of more than 38 million euros and more than 350 professionals.

Madrid, March 7, 2023 – The Spanish multinational technology company aggity has exceeded €30 million in turnover in 2022 by achieving a consolidated turnover of €30.3 million, which implies a 63.7% growth compared to the €18.5 million it achieved in 2021. Likewise, the company’s Ebitda was 5.6 million euros compared to the 3.8 million euros obtained a year earlier. In terms of job creation, aggity also grew by 26%, from 233 professionals in 2021 to 295 last year.

In terms of forecasts for the 2023 financial year, aggity expects to grow by more than 20% and to end the year with a turnover of more than 38 million euros. The company also plans to grow in number of professionals to complete a team of 350 people. aggity, as it has been doing in recent years, will base the expansion of its business on organic growth and is also finalizing the acquisition of a company in our country and a second in Central America. It should be recalled that since 2017 aggity has integrated, via organic growth or acquisitions, ten organizations into the group, both in Spain and Latin America.

Of the company’s total turnover in 2022, 50.7% came from the Spanish market (15.3 million euros) and the activity in Italy obtained a turnover of 4.1 million euros (13.6% of the total). With respect to the Latin American market, where the company almost doubled its turnover in 2021, last year it also maintained good growth, generating 35.5% of its total turnover (10.7 million euros). aggity operates in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. With these figures, aggity already harvests 35% of its business in the foreign market.

By business area, 37.9% of the company’s turnover corresponded to the digital services area(Cloud & Cybersecurity, Analytics & AI and business process automation). The Industry 4.0 area (Smart Factory by aggity) accounted for 14.43%, 7.7% came from the talent management and human resources solutions area (BesTalent IA by aggity), Customer Engagement/ Digital Experience by aggity accounted for 31.4% and Financial Management (Uniclass by aggity) generated 8.4%.

According to Oscar Pierre, CEO of aggity, “The company’s strong growth this year is based on having a set of management solutions based on AI and machine learning that are very attractive and adjusted to what the market is looking for and in segments such as cybersecurity, talent management or industry 4.0, which are in high demand, especially if, as in our case, they are solid, proven, easy to implement and with short returns on investment. In addition -Pierre adds, the very uncertainties created in the market by the geopolitical events we have been experiencing for years, push organizations to seek solutions to increase, for example, their energy efficiency or to have total flexibility and capacity to adapt and even anticipate when planning their production, facets, for example, in which we have very advanced solutions available.“.

Likewise, and thanks to its latest acquisition, aggity has become one of the most relevant partners of HCL Software and IBM in the markets in which the company operates, thus expanding its capacity to offer large companies and organizations that use these technologies, digitization of critical business processes, advanced analytics, cybersecurity or design and improvement of their digital interactions with customers, suppliers and employees, integrating all of this securely with their back-end processes.

It is also worth noting that during 2022 aggity continued to consolidate its relationship with Microsoft. The company is certified in the Gold Cloud Productivity competency, which ensures its ability to deliver innovative Office 365 solutions and to deploy and manage applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams and Skype for Business; as well as in the Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency, which ensures success in customized deployments of Microsoft’s cloud productivity solutions.

Good business performance in Latin America

The good performance of the business in Latin America was another of the foundations for aggity’s growth in 2022. This market, in which the company, as mentioned above, doubled its turnover in 2021, has continued to maintain good growth in 2022 (+16.3%). aggity consolidated its presence in this geographic area through the acquisition of three companies highly focused on the development of cybersecurity solutions, both in Mexico and Peru.

It should be recalled that aggity acquired Sistemas Avanzados de Seguridad Informática (SASI), focused on securing business operations; MEXIS, an expert in cybersecurity and management of technological infrastructures and with its own cybersecurity center for the identification and eradication of vulnerabilities from which the Spanish multinational offers global cybersecurity services; and Necsia Perú (aggity Perú), also specialized in the development of cybersecurity solutions.

With these figures, aggity is consolidating the strategic growth plan it defined in 2017 and adjusting to the business volumes set therein over the last five fiscal years. In five years, aggity has evolved from a traditional business management solutions company to a hybrid technology, solutions and services company focused on digital transformation and cybersecurity, offering cutting-edge solutions and services in the areas of management and critical sectors.