The use of business chat substantially improves corporate image


Among the technologies to be used by the company, one of the strong points is all technology related to information and communication. And within it, corporate instant messaging or corporate chat is one of the tools that can bring great benefits to companies.

instant messaging software for companies such as Corporate Messenger is a form of real-time communication that allows us to maintain instant communication with our interlocutor, as its name suggests, being able to send and receive short messages between one or several interlocutors.

Normally the instant messaging service is offered in a pop-up window on our web page where we can write in plain text and even add emoticons. The messages we write are received in real time and the recipient can answer us immediately having a written conversation very similar to a telephone conversation. Some instant messaging servers also allow sending files or messages to a user even if he/she is not connected at that moment. This software is always active as long as there is an Internet connection.

To get it up and running you need software provided by the Instant Messaging Network providers. You can request your FREE demo here.

More and more companies, both large and small, are making use of this tool encompassed in ICT technologies. Instant messaging is the text version of telephone conversations.

To make use of this fantastic ICT tool, it must have a minimum quality support, have a protocol for its use and travel encrypted conversations. At the same time, it must be perfectly integrated with the rest of the applications used by the company in its communication with all the actors with which it relates, such as e-mail and web pages.

The availability of a corporate instant messaging software helps us to:

  • Significantly reduce communication costs.
  • It is an excellent communication channel both internally and externally.
  • It solves communication problems with customers or between departments of the same company more efficiently than e-mail.
  • Allows you to be performing another task at the same time.
  • It favors us over our competitors by providing us with more means with which to facilitate communication with our interlocutors in an exponential way.

Using a Corporate Instant Messaging application helps us to consolidate our position as a reference company in our sector by further facilitating communication with our customers, suppliers and, in general, with all the agents with whom we interact commercially. In addition, it allows us to save costs and, consequently, to increase profits and, finally, it improves our image as an innovative company.