Turning environmental ambition into action: IBM and aggity at the heart of corporate sustainability

The importance of sustainability in the business context is undeniable and companies are increasingly focusing on how they can contribute positively to the well-being of society and the environment in the markets in which they operate. Organizations that want to have a positive impact on the environment while ensuring long-term financial stability need the right combination of strategic partnerships and technology to implement their corporate sustainability goals. This will enable them to identify and manage the risks associated with climate change, as well as drive innovation and make strategic decisions based on objective data and analysis.

In parallel, consumers and investors increasingly value and prefer companies that are committed to this value. According to a global study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), three-quarters of executives surveyed in Spain (69%) agree that sustainability is fundamental to their business. This perspective helps them differentiate themselves in the marketplace, attract new customers and improve the loyalty of existing ones. Thus, companies that adopt a sustainable approach are better positioned to thrive in an ever-changing world and contribute positively to global sustainable development.

Along these lines, aggity has been able to understand the importance of sustainability for the digital transformation and business management of an organization. In this area, technology plays a significant role in strategic decision making and therefore, as an IBM Business Partner, is helping more and more organizations to accelerate and integrate their sustainability measures through the implementation of IBM Envizi ESG Suite.

aggity is a Spanish multinational company specialized in digital transformation for business management. With 322 employees globally, aggity provides its clients with technology solutions and services to help customers in a wide range of industries transform their businesses.

With main offices in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), Milan and Bologna (Italy), aggity has a central office for Latin America in Mexico City and subsidiaries in Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela; and has laboratories specialized in digital transformation in Barcelona, Alicante and Mexico.

aggity has earned IBM’s Technical Sales Advanced Level 4 certification for Envizi ESG Suite, demonstrating the readiness and expertise to successfully implement this solution for its customers’ transformation. Obtaining this certification is also a sign of the company’s commitment to excellence in the development of technical projects, the dedication of its team of professionals to develop innovative solutions and its ability to respond to the sustainability needs of its clients in different sectors, ranging from industry to logistics and retail.

On this journey as IBM and aggity accompany businesses to turn their sustainability ambitions into impactful actions, Envizi’s suite of cloud-based ESG software modules is a central asset. By incorporating this solution, organizations can create a database through a single system of record, streamline ESG reporting and disclosure to meet stakeholder requirements, and track performance against decarbonization commitments. IBM Envizi ESG Suite offers auditable ESG data based on robust Greenhouse Gas (GHG) calculations that leverage AI capabilities to help businesses derive insights The company’s performance in this area can affect the entire company’s performance.

Companies need to report internally and externally to meet different ESG requirements and ultimately address sustainability objectives. Envizi’s ESG software can also help them do this in a simplified way.

Moreover, if we think about the impact that companies have on the environment, decarbonization is one of the most urgent and relevant objectives for business and societal progress. Therefore, the identification of carbon consumption targets and monitoring of results, aligned with the company’s commitments, are crucial to advance the corporate decarbonization strategy. Envizi incorporates a GHG calculation mechanism based on the GHG Protocol that helps companies calculate their emissions and accelerate the path to achieving their sustainability goals.

At a time when companies are taking action with concern for the environment and integrating ESG criteria into their strategy, data has become the most valuable asset.

The key is to extract value from this data for strategic decision making. IBM Envizi Suite, together with the value provided by partners such as aggity, form a powerful alliance for companies to meet corporate challenges and build a more sustainable world for all.

Sergi López, IBM Envizi ESG Suite Specialist IBM

Ignacio Tornos, Industrial Products & Manufacturing
aggity Sector Leader