aggity presents its vision of Industry 4.0 and Social Business Management at the Advanced Factory trade show


The multinational launches a new range of solutions for the digitization of the industrial sector that includes MES, IoT, Social Business, Purchasing and HR Management applications.

Industry 4.0 by aggity increases productivity by 30%, eliminates 75% of downtime, reduces paper usage by 90% and improves production quality by 20%.

aggity, Spanish multinational of digital solutions for the socialization of the company, will present its new range of solutions for the digitization of the industrial sector and the development of Factory 4.0. taking advantage of its participation in the Advanced Factory fair, which will be held in Barcelona from April 4 to 6.

The range of digital solutions with which aggity will be present at this fair, includes OPERATES MONTHLY by aggityThe company also offers a wide range of Social Business solutions, for the digitization of production plants; apps for the control of working times and for HR management; and Cloud solutions for the optimization of purchasing and replenishment.

OPERA MES by aggity has been specifically developed to digitize traditional production processes and integrate technologies that integrate the so-called fourth industrial revolution, such as IoT, virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

This global solution offers a unique management environment for the industrial sector in which information and knowledge flow and are shared throughout the entire organization, consisting of personnel, machines, software and any type of technology. The objective of this solution is to optimize all business operations with an automated system for the continuous improvement of all processes in terms of productivity, energy and raw material consumption, sustainability and profitability of the business, or any other parameter decided by the company, as the solution is fully customizable to each industrial environment.

Proven technology

OPERA MES by aggity is being used by 350 companies around the world and data from these implementations show that it increases productivity by at least 30%, eliminates 75% of downtime and 90% of paper use, and improves production quality by 20%. It also provides a significant reduction in production, administrative and purchasing costs.

aggity will also be present at Advanced Factories with its range of Social Business solutions and tools, focused on socializing the management of Factories 4.0. Thanks to them, it is possible to transfer the social ecosystem of production plants, composed of employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers, machinery, business processes, and even IoT, SCADA or PLC devices, to a digital environment where all these figures contact, collaborate, inform, share and cooperate, to manage the factory within a secure, controlled and private environment.

Social Business by aggity includes a corporate social network and an instant messaging application, which allows you to send alerts and instant collaboration requests to streamline processes. These solutions drastically shorten the resolution of situations such as: breakdowns and incidents, material requirements, requests for quality results or absences or absenteeism during shifts.

For David Fernandez, director of aggity’s Industry 4.0 business area, “We are very satisfied with the results.We can only talk about Factory 4.0 and digital management when we manage to interconnect people, machines, equipment and software with each other and make them converge with the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. This new ecosystem generates the information needed to exponentially improve the factory’s bottom line.” “It’s a new dimension” –adds Fernández-“that allows us to communicate and obtain information in real time to produce more, be more efficient, avoid wasting time, eliminate paperwork and adapt processes to the real, current and future needs of our customers.

During the fair, David Fernández will give a lecture on Real-Time Production Decision Support Systems.