Digital transformation in Industry: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 emerges as a new transformation of the industrial sector with the classic objectives of improving efficiency, improving quality and improving service. It is based on the use of three new basic technologies: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Assets Connection (IIoT).

The need for the Digitalization of Processes is one of the pillars of the revolution. There can be no transformation if the processes do not evolve to the new digital reality.

The ability to obtain and process data at high speed and at low cost allows a new world in which the ability to analyze and decide grows exponentially and Data becomes an essential element of the factory.

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How can I improve my planning?

Industry 4.0 or connected industry allows us to know the reality of the facilities with a level of data never before imagined. The ability to know the real situation of the factory (status of orders, probability of equipment failure, etc.) and customer demand allows to define production plans much more adjusted to reality:

Using advanced planning systems (APS) that develop a plan with finite capacities and taking into account all the necessary resources (people, materials, tools, etc.).

Generating staffing plans for work shifts based on productive needs and combining them with HR data (skills, vacations, absences, special shifts, etc.).

Allowing to develop new work scenarios in seconds in case of change in needs or availability of resources.

How to transform the execution in my production plant?

Once the plan is defined, it is essential to have the visibility of the operations that allows:

Launch production orders in the plant easily and without the possibility of error, connecting them with all information needs.


Manage the complexity of production: Quality, Materials, Maintenance, etc.


Identify and prioritize the situations that require attention in the production plant and capture the relevant data to be able to analyze and improve them using the capacity of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

How to improve my production plant?

Industry 4.0 brings to the sector a revolution in improvement using new technologies such as Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The main objectives of the improvement are Plant Efficiency (OEE), Product Quality and Planning Capacity.

Massively acquiring data from plant planning and management systems and sensors allows you to take a step and use process variability for improvement.


The data analytics allows to know in a simple way and with a level of detail impossible before the causes of the problems in the production plant, identifying the actions to solve them.


The use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms allows all this to occur in real time in the production plant, anticipating actions to avoid problems.

Ability to maximize results, complementing continuous improvement methodologies (Lean, six sigma., Kaizen …) and own tools (MES, Planner, historian) and sensors with the new advanced analytical capabilities.





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