Optimize Human Resources Reporting

Human resources reporting is essential for talent management. In a context in which companies face the challenge of finding the right profiles, optimizing reporting is a key task for HR managers and attracting and retaining talent.

Discover how to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your HR reporting. Make the most of your data and make decisions based on solid insights.

For the optimization of HR reporting, the use of HR tools and analytics is an essential aid that contributes to effective talent management and retention. The analytical functionalities of an HR and talent management platform such as BesTalent IA by aggity and deploy a strategy to optimize and deploy HR and talent management that covers from the most basic to the most advanced needs, thanks to the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Machine Learning.

Strategy to optimize human resources reporting

In the HR and talent management environment, having the right solutions or platforms in place does not always guarantee success. It is necessary to have a well-defined strategy and to know that HR reporting plays an essential role in the strategic management of organizations.

The accurate information provided by these reports enables organizations to make informed decisions about employees and overall company performance, and are also useful for to enhance the company as an employer brand. With these objectives in mind, the performance reports and HR metrics must be comprehensive and take into account aspects such as the following:

Define clear objectives

For the creation of any type of report, from the simplest ones such as the employee data or the payroll reports to more complex ones such as data from staff performance or the Human Resources KPIsIn order to achieve this, it is necessary to be clear about the objectives pursued with this report. It is a matter of deciding what information is most important for decision making, who will be the recipients of the report and also what level of detail is required.

Human Resources Reports

Collect relevant data

Data is the fundamental pillar for subsequent strategic decision making. Without them, HR reports would be empty. For this reason, and depending on the type of report you want to produce, it is important to gather data from employees, labor information or payroll, among others, and always from reliable sources.

Automate processes

Automating processes is a key element in achieving HR reporting optimization. The solutions proposed by aggity offer a set of functionalities that allow automating the collection and generation of reports. The great advantage of applying the automation in the field of HR is located in the HR process improvementThe system eliminates repetitive manual tasks, reduces the risk of errors and allows the department’s employees to dedicate themselves to more productive tasks that bring more value to the organization.

Select key metrics

Select key metrics

Choosing the right metrics and KPIs is one of the key determinants of getting value from HR analytics tools and the basis for achieving effective measurement of HR performance and efficiency, contributing to the full benefits of People Analytics. With the use of these tools, HR managers can focus on a few indicators that allow them to make much more accurate reports.

Data visualization

The use of graphs and tables is an important section when preparing Human Resources reports, since they facilitate understanding and decision making. The visualization of information through graphs goes beyond the simple presentation of data, it allows the creation of solid arguments so that an entire department can make the most appropriate decisions, for example, in the management of the workforce. If implemented correctly, data visualization improves the aesthetics of reports and increases the effectiveness of information communication.