RedPoint Global’s alliance with aggity is consolidated with the visit of its CEO Dale Renner to Spain.



CMO Council and RedPoint study reveals that only 5% of marketing managers are satisfied with the outcome of their marketing IT investments

  • Personalized, omnichannel interaction with customers offers companies an average retention rate of 89%, which drops to 33% for those without this capability

Madrid, November 15, 2017 – Only 7% of companies are able to interact with customers in real time, in a personalized way and through all types of channels, both physical and digital. Of the rest, 24% have already started to interact in real time with customers, but only through digital channels.

The reasons for this situation are diverse and include the current technological infrastructure of the companies.

In fact, only 5% of marketing executives are satisfied with the outcome of their IT investments in marketing, data analytics, engagement and customer relationships, and only 16% express satisfaction with their organizations’ work to improve customer insight and relationships.

Thus, 54% consider the budget allocated to these applications to be insufficient and 31% point out that the information in the customer databases is scarce or inadequate. This is despite the fact that, in the last five years, 42% of companies have installed at least 10 solutions for these functions; another 33% have installed between 5 and 10; and 44% have allocated at least 25% of their marketing budget to replacing one technology with another.

The data comes from the study “Empowering The Data-Driven Customer Strategy”, conducted by the international network of marketing executives CMO Council and the multinational RedPoint, with the aim of analyzing the ability of companies to develop business strategies based on deep customer knowledge, create strong and lasting relationships (engagement) and execute multichannel and real-time marketing interactions and campaigns, with a high level of automation.

The study also reveals the poor ability of companies to measure the business impact of marketing and customer interaction actions. In fact, 28% simply say they can’t, 36% measure on rare occasions and from very specific interaction channels, another 30% have manual reporting systems, and only 5% claim to have access to this data at the click of a button and in real time.

More loyal and higher-value customers

The analysis also shows that personalized, omnichannel interaction with customers offers companies an average customer retention ratio of 89%, a percentage that drops to 33% for companies that do not have this capability. In this regard, it should be noted that 40% of consumers recognize that they buy more from brands that provide a personalized shopping experience and interaction and, in addition, the duration of their engagement with these brands is 30% higher.

On the other hand, 86% of customers would pay more in exchange for a better customer experience and 79% would not consider buying from companies that do not actively demonstrate, in advance, that they understand and care for their customers.

According to Oscar Pierre, president and CEO of aggity, “to grow in the digital age you have to engage with customers, establish a continuous dialogue with relevant and timely messages, interact across many communication channels and create compelling experiences.”To make it possible,” Pierre adds. “it is vital to intelligently orchestrate data and have analytics tools in place to deliver personalized, consistent and seamless interaction across all channels and devices.”

aggity designs and executes omnichannel communication strategies that engage customers through the most appropriate channel and with the relevant offer to attract, retain and increase customer loyalty and value. To expand the scope of these services, the company has reached a strategic agreement with RedPoint Global, through which it markets exclusively in Spain, Portugal and Mexico its solutions for the development of intelligent, omnichannel and fully customized marketing campaigns.

Headquartered in Boston (Massachusetts) with offices in Boulder (Colorado), London (UK) and Makati City (Philippines), RedPoint has a team of more than 200 professionals and its technology is used by more than 200 organizations worldwide, with references such as Toyota, Shell, American Express, AIG, Under Armour or Carnival Corporation.

RedPoint has two major solutions: RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub™ (CEH), information hub that collects customer data across the entire organization and touch points to create unified, enriched and dynamic profiles; and RedPoint Interaction™ (RPI), designs da to develop real-time interaction with customers, intelligently optimizing data and different touch points and business areas.

According to RedPoint CEO Dale Renner, “Our technology stands out for its ability to automate marketing based on a deep and detailed knowledge of the customer. Among the The key to our rapid growth is our focus on managing and analyzing customer data. “The alliance with aggity”,adds to the power of our solutions in verticals and regions where digital marketing is the key to achieving priority business objectives”.

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