Retail digitization and omnichannel shopping

The digitalization of retail is a reality that this sector has become accustomed to living with. It is perhaps one of the sectors that has been investing the longest in all kinds of technologies to accelerate omnichannel shopping for consumers.

The digitization of retail is no longer just about having an online presence, but about amplifying the omnichannel shopping experience and enhancing the customer experience.

Since the advent of the Internet, several companies have opted for the network as a new channel to increase sales. From the initial rudimentary sales portals and with users fearful of providing bank details to execute purchases to today’s reality, a lot of time has passed, but there has been, above all, an increase in the number of channels through which consumers can make their purchases.

Amplifying the omnichannel shopping experience

The digitalization of retailing is no longer about having a presence on the web, but rather about amplifying the omnichannel shopping experience and offer consumers multiple options through which they can carry out the different processes: from making the purchase to the way in which the product is distributed.

Amplifying the omnichannel shopping experience

Increase in omnichannel shopping

E-commerce in recent years has been characterized by a steady increase in omnichannel shopping . All this means that the growth of commerce using digital channels is increasing every year. As different studies show, more than half of Spanish retailers, exposed to the CPI increase, come from one of the different types of digital channels. This percentage is growing every year and will continue to do so in the future.

The consumer is in charge and the retail sector has been adapting to the needs of the consumer. Proof of this is that currently only 21.1% of companies in the sector do not have an online sales channel. The rest not only do so through a website, but have increased the variety of channels to adapt to customer demands, with social networks being the channel in which retailers have invested the most to increase sales.

The number of e-commerce services that retailers offer through the different channels: variety of payment methods, possibility of returns, process automationoffering different types of delivery, customer service through different channels… are just some of the elements in which investments are being made. The ultimate goal is none other than to improve the customer’s shopping experience, which will lead to customer loyalty.

Improving the omnichannel shopping experience

Improving the omnichannel shopping experience

Attracting customers and keeping them loyal to a particular retailer is the goal of any business, especially in an increasingly competitive environment. Therefore, what most companies operating in the retail sector are looking for is to effectively manage all the processes surrounding a purchase.

In this sense, the incorporation of specific solutions and platforms, such as Digital Customer Engagement by aggity is gaining particular interest among retailers for improve omnichannel shopping. These tools, thanks to their use and analysis of data, make it possible to offer more personalized interactionsprovide a overview of the different sales channels and allow to perfectly profile each customer. And all this, in real time to respond to user requirements.

In short, the incorporation of platforms that generate a increase in omnichannel shopping and ensure the personalized communication with customersThe next big step that companies are already taking to adapt their processes to the retail of the futureThe transformation is taking place in both the digital and physical environments.