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fusion empresas

Las adquisiciones y fusiones de empresas generan un impacto en las diferentes divisiones que conforman las compañías, entre ellas el departamento de marketing que puede aprovechar esta unión para mejorar

estrategia de descremación de precios

La estrategia de descremación de precios, clave para productos innovadores o únicos, establece precios altos inicialmente para consumidores menos sensibles al precio. Este enfoque aprovecha la novedad y la exclusividad,

Financial risk management is crucial to business success and requires a clear understanding of the key strategies to protect assets and to ensure

In a competitive labor market, employer branding is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining the best talent. Companies need effective strategies that leverage their employer brand in order to

Segmentation Marketing Strategies

Segmentation marketing strategies are one of the most common elements used by companies. The objective is that, by dividing a market into smaller segments with different characteristics, a company will be able to

Trends in finance for 2021

Trends in finance for 2021

The rise of online shopping, the increase in mobile payments and the rapid adoption of these trends across virtually all population groups have marked

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History of accounting, the push of technology

History of accounting, the push of technology

In the 1980s, coinciding with the appearance of IBM's first personal computer, accounting information began to be considered a key factor in decision making, and

improve cost management

How to improve expense management?

Expense tracking solutions not only improve your visibility, they are also a very useful tool for keeping up-to-date accounting records and

Artificial Intelligence applied in Industry 4.0

Digitization in financial processes reduces the time spent managing financial processes, reduces the use of paper, improves productivity and eliminates errors thanks to the use of digital technology.

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How to control your company's expenses?

  Good financial planning and proper control of company expenses are essential for the success of your company A good digital management solution

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Most common bank reconciliation problems

  The financial health of a company involves matching the organization's bookkeeping entries with the values recorded by the bank and avoiding the most common problems of

  The packaging company from El Salvador has contracted Uniclass' Expense Management software and with this aggity starts its business activity in this country, since

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